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Our President and First Lady should be above reproach


I stopped blogging soon after the American voters put Obama AND a TRANSVESTITE  in the Whitehouse.

They have made us a laughing stock throughout the world.  Our President and First Lady should be above reproach.  Why has it taken over 5 years for all of the Obama scandals to come to light?


These Usurpers were put into power with Saudi Arabia money- which in itself should have been brought to  the notice of the public immediately.

When Bush flew out all of the Saudis on 9/11 but grounded all Americans – a red flag should have gone up immediately.

It was ignored.

I had been trumping for Ron Paul the only true patriot that was running for office.  When Obama was again voted in for a second term I became absolutely disgusted with the American voters lack of intelligence.  I have watched in horror to what has been coming out of the Whitehouse and our people simply accepting it.

The few patriots that we have keep telling us to write letters make telephone calls or send faxes to the CABAL.What happens to them? They get dumped in a waste basket.

America is living in a Dictatorship and it still has not dawned on them.

I thought when martial law was imposed in Boston that people would realize it, but no, they thought the Dictatorship was protecting them from terrorists.  Does anyone see the funny side of that?  Americans have it all backwards.

To solve our problems we have to work in unison and in the correct format.

Forget the border issue for the time being.

  1. We need to throw out all of our present Government.
  3. We need to get rid of our corrupt judicial system.
  4. We have to retrain our lawyers in the Constitution and rule of law by American standards.
  5. If our laws were implemented correctly we would not have a border problem
  6. Illegal aliens would be INSTANTLY deported.
  7. Drug cartels and gangs would be eliminated.
  8. While our border fences are being built our soldiers should man our borders our sea ports and our airports.
  9. No law abiding citizen should have any fear of being imprisoned illegally.
  10. Our police force need to be retrained on how to deal with felons without using animal tactics like using their feet.

This all sounds too simple and too logical for the average mind.

I did feel much better when our Bikers turned out in force and suppressed the terrorist Muslims from their million mile march on 9/ll which turned out to be a 25 Muslim wash out.

I thank our Biker Patriots in my prayers every single day.  They have given me some hope that we have Patriots out there.  800, 000 Patriots out of Millions makes it a little less reassuring however.  But, at least we know that they are there if and when we need them.

All I can say at the moment is GOD HELP AMERICA.