Secede Texas : An Open Email from SE TX Commander Gaudette

I received the following email today and believe it should be shared:

Dear SE TX US Freedom Army members,

The state GOP SREC members have been meeting in Austin yesterday and today.

Yesterday, a committee of them voted on a non-binding resolution for Texas to secede from the Union. Today the full body will vote on it. It isn’t expected to pass. However, I am glad and excited that this issue is actually getting some traction in Austin.

Realize that even if the full-body voted for it, it doesn’t really mean we can secede. It would actually require other states to allow us to leave and it probably would mean a civil war.

Given that our government and country has been taken over by our enemies, I am in full support of secession. I am tired of our representatives not doing what we ask and to continue to allow the Federal Government to take over our lives.

It is clear that the goal of the Ruling Elite is to create so much chaos that we will beg the government to take all of our Liberty’s so that we can have security.

We must continue to fight our enemy!



Bryant Gaudette, SE TX Commander

TTel: 713-252-5190