The U.S rates 2nd in Ignorance.

College campuses across the country are the most treacherous terrain imaginable. The only way we’re going to take back the youth of this country is to remove all the communist Professors.

Get rid of common core.

Remove all illegal students who are causing our standard to fall with their inability to speak English.

We need students to report to their parents when professors are biased against right-wing views.

The educational system simply stopped working. It aged, declined, and broke. And now the nation has a mess on its hands.

Consider the teachers in classrooms. For most of American history, teachers received no training at all, and hiring was a chaotic process in which the only constant was patronage.

Would-be educators generally have little if any student-teaching experience prior to entering classrooms, and they receive no preparation for teaching particular content areas.

Consider the outcomes produced by the educational system. Critics are right that achievement scores aren’t overwhelmingly impressive and that troubling gaps persist across racial, ethnic, and income groups.

U.S. finishes well behind exam-oriented countries like Taiwan and Korea on international tests- this has to change.  The ostensible brokenness of public education, is not merely a talking point; it has to change for the better.  When it comes to replacing something broken, doing something, even if it fails to live up to expectations, is invariably better than doing nothing.

Students, families, and activists have both the right and the responsibility to advocate for themselves and their communities. They know what they need, and their needs have merit. Policymakers have a great deal to learn from them.

We must do much better in the education of our children.

Let us hope that our new Secretary of Education under President Trump will improve matters substantially and we start to climb the ladder of success for our students.