I scheduled an appointment at Mann Eye Clinic for an eye test to evaluate if I needed cataract surgery. The fee for test : $180.00.

Only a week before, I went to the Opticians at Walmart for an eye test and it cost me $65.00.  The Doctor advised that I had cataracts – hence the reason for going to Mann Eye clinic afterwards.

The Doctor performing my test at Mann Eye Clinic informed me that it would cost $2,900 per eye, if I paid in cash or $4,000 through Insurance.

Medicare only pay for basic surgery, which means I still would have to wear glasses.

In my logical mind, I say to myself, why elect for surgery in the first place when it does not solve the problem?

So back to Mann Eye Clinic. Remember, in order to prevent wearing glasses, I was advised the cost would be $2,900 per eye, cash, e.g. no insurance and I was paying for the surgery.

On the morning I am scheduled to have the measurements done for the surgery, “LO AND BEHOLD”  The price has jumped up to $5,400 per eye PLUS CO-PAY FOR MEDICARE OF $420.

Now I had decided I did not want to have the basic surgery paid for by Medicare, right?

Well now it would appear that  they are going to charge Medicare for basic and me at the same time

When I point this out to the staff at Mann Eye, suddenly I don’t understand it would actually cost me  $9,000 per eye without Medicare.

Plus $200 for antibiotic injection and eye drops.

Now, in my personal opinion, this sounds like a complete fiddle.

Am I right or am I wrong – just asking?

I am curious as to how many people had the basic cataract surgery through Medicare and how it has really effected their cataracts – if at all.

I really would like to hear from as many people as possible as I feel that we elderly are being abused somehow – or at least Medicare is the one being abused if for no other reason than that the basic surgery is a waste of time.

I look forward to your thoughts and comments.