The people have spoken, so now we give our chosen leader a chance to hold to his election promises.

We must not forget that President Trump has 30 years of Soros, cabal, elitist corruption to take care of.  Certainly, it will not be an easy task.

We had a Muslim planted Dictator for the last 8 years who systematically divided the country.  Unfortunately the American blacks read Obama  wrong.  Obama was not helping blacks to become wealthier or better educated and less drug addicted. Instead he caused them to have a great big chip on their backs- just like he planned so that the mass rioting would lead to martial law and finally the take over of USA into an Islamic state.

Now our new President has the opportunity to “Drain the Swamp” of Government corrupt politicians by imposing “short term limits, and replacing unconstitutional officials and judges wherever he finds them.

We the people must stay involved. President Trump listens to the people- he has openly stated that HE IS OUR VOICE”.

So we must keep him informed when we see things that are going wrong.

At the present time, we have Soros and others paying to keep up a constant stream of uneducated youngsters roaming and causing havoc and disruption in our streets.

President trump has chosen a new Minister of Education who will get rid of common core and start routing out schools that do not teach the Constitution.

Schools, and Universities must get back to teaching how to read write and arithmetic that makes sense.

Forget the multiple choice and educate our children to learn. They either know the answer or they don’t.  Stop with the three strike chance.

We are so low on the education ladder it is scary.

When you listen to reporters asking simple questions to our students and getting idiotic answers or shoulder shrugs it is quite unbelievable at just how illiterate our young people have become.

We are watching how the new cabinet is forming and pray that our President makes the right choices.

It is not easy for someone who has never been a Politician.

He has to listen and learn.  He is well aware what has to be done, but he has to start somewhere and that is a ginormous task.

President elect Trump will, I am sure, make a few mistakes, but is capable enough to realize and correct those mistakes where necessary.

The old quote is very true ”Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer.”