We have spent years listening to Politicians going on about cutting the National debt.

Nothing has been accomplished- the National debt has soared.
Let me give it a try:

How much money do we spend on our forces protecting other Countries?

Bring all of these troops home and let these countries protect themselves.
Who decided for the population that we should police the world? Some idiot Politician. He doesn’t have to labor 9-5 to pay for it.

Tax payer monies!

$34 Billion allocated for foreign aid in 2017 (President Trump take note)
Israel-Egypt, Afghanistan, Kenya, Nigeria Jordan, Pakistan, Tanzania, Ethiopia, and Iraq. Not to mention the aircraft full of money that was sent to Iran.

Military spending in the U.S in 2015 was $1.11 Trillion ( 6% on government)
And yet our aircraft and ships are almost redundant they are so old.

1. IRS workers get pay and benefits while owing $3.5 billion in back taxes

2. Millionaires get subsidies to buy beachfront property, government loses $500 million

3. $432 million for warplanes that won’t be used

4. $379 million for Healthcare for government

5. $321 million for redundant government IT systems

6. A $300 million blimp. WTF?

7. Facebook gets $295 million tax refund

8. Sugar daddy federal government loses $171.5 million in loans to sugar companies

9. Militarization of your local police force to the tune $82.5 million( to what end I ask?)

10. $65 million for post-Sandy “Open for Business” campaign

11. Unused military facility gets $34 million

12. Pimping the tax code to subsidize Nevada brothels with $17.5 million

13. NASA looks for intelligent life in Congress for $3 million

14. $914,000 to look for love on the internet

15. State Department pays $630,000 for Facebook “likes”

16. $390,000 for whatever the hell this is-Ninja Green

17. $385,000 to study duck penises

18. Study concluding that wives should calm down for $335,500

19. $150,000 for zombie protection

20. $278,000 for the Fort Hood mass murderer

White House: Staff salaries total $38M | The Hill

I can guarantee there are more since Obama got into the Oval Office.

I think that President Trump can find billions of $’s. to cut the deficit with the stroke of a pen.

Just something to think about wouldn’t you say?